My Attempt to Work Out (Oh, Boy)

“I get enough exercise just by pushing my luck.” -some poor guy who should’ve probably trademarked this phrase before it was plastered over workout apparel and memes everywhere


Look, I’ve tried to stay on an exercise regime before. We’ve all been there. We’ve all sat in front of our laptops watching the latest Blogilates YouTube video as hope slowly drains out of us before typing “#unattainablebodygoals” in the comment section. I’ve gone to the gym on and off. I’ve done these home workouts on and off (but never all the way through). But after a year in college (hellooooo freshman fifteen) and a trip to East Asia (what do you mean lunch is $2 what kind of narnia is this?), I’ve decided that I need to crack down on my health.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my body. I have a healthy BMI, I’m not overweight, and I can still fit into that one then-oversized T-shirt I had in middle school. I want a fitter, healthier, and more toned body because I love my body and I love myself. I’m promising myself that I will take care of myself. Therefore, I’m going to exercise. Every day. And eat healthy. Maybe not every day. (But there will be attempts to cut junk food and embrace more fruits and veggies.)

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I’m no fitness expert (God forbid), but I’ll share my amateur home workout routine with you. I like it because I can do it anywhere (say yes to never leaving the house), without equipment (like I have equipment), and it’s simple enough if you’re willing to put in the effort. I mean, converting fat to muscle is never really gonna get any easier.

I really wanted to concentrate on cardio for the summer with some work on my abs and thighs. And I also discovered XHIT Daily videos on YouTube recently and I really like them – they’re effective, they’re easy to follow along, and the trainers aren’t too annoying. So here’s the plan.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday (cardio x abs):

  1. How To Burn 150 Calories in 8 Minutes
  2. 9 Exercises For a Flat Stomach OR The 7 Best Ab Exercises (I like to alternate the two. The first one’s a little less strenuous in my opinion.)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (cardio x legs):

  1. Cardio Workout: How to Lose Weight
  2. Miley Cyrus Workout: Sexy Legs OR Thigh Exercises for Losing Fat OR Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout (That last one says “Butt Workout,” but I like that it works out the cellulite-y part of your thighs.)

Sunday (cardio):

  1. FuseDance Cardio Melt Workout

There you have it. I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now, and I’ll admit I’ve had to skip some days because I’m simply too busy or because, you know, period cramps. But I feel a lot healthier, energetic, and happier than I did before. I’ll admit, I haven’t really lost a lot of weight, but for me that’s not the point. I don’t need to be skinnier, I just want to be fitter.


Take care of yourself guys – physical health and body positivity are both extremely important. No matter the criticisms from friends, strangers, family members, beauty advertisements, the media, mall mannequins, society…you are perfect. Pear-shaped, hourglass, skinny, heavy, small, large, petite, tall, boyish, lanky, straight, curvy – these things don’t make you more ugly or more beautiful. Your body shape is made beautiful by the human being that inhabits it. You only have one body, so enjoy looking after it. xx




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