Ode on Emptiness


Here’s to the unspoken conversations,

the unheld hands,

the unwritten letters,

the unsung serenades.

Here’s to the peals of laughter that we’ll never share

and the twin brown eyes that will never meet

and the nights I’ll never spend

curled up against your chest,

listening to the soothing rhythm of parallel heartbeats.

Here’s to the moment when we look at each other and know

and our stomachs flutter,

and you lean in and the hands brush at the lips’ touch,

and the rush of blood from head to heart binds a meeting of two lonely souls,

a moment that will never pass.

Here’s to a bridge that crumbled before it was ever built

the loveliest of roses too perfect to bloom

the train to Neverland missed by a millisecond

the greatest thing that never happened to me.

Here’s to the potential of Everything


leaving a vast vacancy

filled by a vast Nothingness,


And I hear the sound of silence

amplifying the numbing pain,

mourning the death of hope.

goodbye august


dizzying up the merry-go-around world

revolving in giddy spirals

suffocating you with its warmth

like a girl’s first kiss

killing inhibitions

the vibration of a guitar string

smoke in the air

breathless, she laughs

but it sounds like a shriek

lost amidst the deafening cacophony of the crowd

youth filling her lungs

melting her mind

as he pulls her in

as he pulls her under

and she feels herself drown in the salt water

stinging her eyes

but she still laughs

like she’s invincible

like it’s all a game

oh, to be young forever

she begs

her pleads are swept away by the autumn wind

dried-up leaves falling on her premature grave


I can’t wait to kick off my new blog! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and now here I am. To start, I’ll tell a little bit about myself through an “I Am” Poem. I’m hoping this blog will show bits and pieces of myself, which is what I was aiming for with this:

I am a pasted-together scrapbook of memories, tears, and laughter

I am a quick prayer for a miracle right before a test I didn’t study for

I am Coldplay, OneRepublic, and Goo Goo Dolls

I am a Starbucks white chocolate mocha on a freezing December day

I am a Potterhead, a Narnian, and a hobbit

I am unwritten (can’t read my mind, I’m undefined)

I am an awkward caterpillar still waiting for her wings to grow in

I am a Pinterest addict

I am Sherlocked

I am tripping and falling on flat surfaces all the time

I am still crying over fictional characters

I am a creator, a changer, a dreamer, and a believer

I am Disney songs at the top of my lungs

I am an optimistic realist

I am down-to-earth indie folk and 90s dance pop at the same time

I am that person who keeps laughing after everyone else has stopped

I am a cheesy love letter

I am an old Jansport backpack in a sea of Vera Bradley

I am a giant spoonful of Nutella at 3 AM because I’ve lost control of life

I am a hopeful wish on a shooting star

I am plug-the-earphones-in-and-drown-the-world-out time

I am the poet of my life

But I am more than a poem